about us

Pwani Telecomms Limited (Pwani Telecomms Ltd) trademarked as iKenya.com and alfakenya.com has been a registered ISP and in service since 1999. The first REAL ISP based in Mombasa, Kenya.

Pwani Telecomms Ltd takes pride in being able to provide our customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs.
After assessing your requirements, we are confident in our ability to provide your company with the best possible internet, e-mail and backup solutions.

Pwani Telecomms Ltd has made a commitment to providing state-of-the-art communication services to individual and corporate clients.

Over and above, at Pwani Telecomms Ltd we constantly monitor and update our facilities as our client base grows and demand for our services increases. Our research and development team continuously implements new technology to keep you up to date and to make the internet more productive for you.